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WTB: Bike WTB: Bike
Looking for a bike under $100, U-lock preferred. Thanks!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Futon WTB: Futon
Want to buy futon
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Bicycle WTB: Bicycle
I'm looking for a very reliable and quality bicycle. If you want to get rid of yours, contact XXXX@gmail.com . I would rather find the bicycle on campus or near.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Vacuum WTB: Vacuum
Need a vacuum in good working condition. Must be willing to deliver to EV.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Couch < WTB: Couch <
Want to buy old couch, about 8ft long, less than $100
Stanford CA $100USD Supost
WTB: futon! WTB: futon!
Graduating/moving/going home for the summer? Trying to sell your futon? My budget is $50, so if you're trying to get rid of a futon, shoot me an email! Thanks!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB] Bicycle WTB] Bicycle
Dear all, Would like to purchase a bicycle for myself (male, 5 feet 5 in) If accompanied with bike helmet, basket and/or and U-lock, that would be welcomed too. Pls reply with offer price. Thanks,
Stanford CA Supost
WTB TCS Presta Valve WTB TCS Presta Valve
WTB TCS Presta Valve
WTB C-STAND (Honolulu) WTB C-STAND (Honolulu)
WTB C-STAND or Baby Stand
WTB Dual Compound Grips WTB Dual Compound Grips
Trail Grips are two-ply 32mm diameter grip with dual compound rubber WTB logo pattern Open ends End
Wtb .45 Apc Revolver Wtb .45 Apc Revolver
Shelton CT Bargain News
WTB: Purse and a wallet WTB: Purse and a wallet
Looking for a decent purse and wallet for office use, from pet-free, smoke-free house. Please contact if you have 1 with your asking price and picture. Thank you
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Men's bike WTB: Men's bike
Want to buy a men's bike. Make me an offer, and I'll come pick it up.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Black board(small) WTB: Black board(small)
Looking to get small wall black board (to write reminders and to do for the house). If you have 1 and willing to sell or give away please contact.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Cork board WTB: Cork board
To put on the wall so I can pin pieces of paper, business cards, etc.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB bike U lock WTB bike U lock
I was looking for a used bike lock. If you have 1 to sell, please let me know!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: EE214 text WTB: EE214 text
I'm looking to buy Gray, Hurst, Lewis, Meyer, fifth ed (2009)
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Champagne Glasses WTB: Champagne Glasses
Our champage glasses broke recently in a move. We are looking to buy a set of champagne glasses - please let us know if you are willing to sell!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: upright piano WTB: upright piano
We are looking for a console upright piano. Please contact XXXX@yahoo.com
Stanford CA Supost
WTB Bicycle Lock WTB Bicycle Lock
Im looking for a bicycle lock, u-locks preferred.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB Road Bike WTB Road Bike
I am looking to buy a road bicycle - with drop-style handlebars and a 2x9 or 2x10 speed gearing, suitable for 5'10". I am willing to pay up to $500, depending on the model and condition. If you have 1 to sell, please send me a message with model, size, and asking price.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: desk chair WTB: desk chair
preferrably with adjustable seat
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: womens bike WTB: womens bike
women's bike wanted ASAP less than 80 dollars please. thanks!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: men's bike WTB: men's bike
If you're selling a men's bike, please contact me. Thank you
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: road bike WTB: road bike
Please let me know if you are selling.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: mens bike WTB: mens bike
i'm looking to buy a men's bike for a guy about 5'9" if you're leaving campus and trying to get rid of your bike, let me know.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: men's bike WTB: men's bike
Please contact me if you have a bike to sell.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Bicycle Basket WTB: Bicycle Basket
New or used. Thanks a lot, Juan
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Toddler chair WTB: Toddler chair
We'd like to buy a little chair for our toddler. (Note: not a high-chair, but a chair she can get into herself.) Preferably in some soft material and in reasonable condition.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: cs105 course reader WTB: cs105 course reader
Anyone have? Shoot me an email! Thanks!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: fishing stuff WTB: fishing stuff
I am a fishing lover, and would like to equip myself with the US-stype fishing stuff. If you are on moving and do not want to carry these heavy stuff, please feel free to sell them to me -- rods, reels, line, lure, crab-nets ... all kinds of the stuff. Thanks! Moreover, if you are also a fishing lover and would like to find a friend to go fishing with you, I would love to join. We will have fun together!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Mechanics of Materials (Hibbeler) WTB: Mechanics of Materials (Hibbeler)
Will pay fair price for used copy of seventh edition
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Double mattress WTB: Double mattress
Looking for a double mattress. If you have a bedframe too, I might be interested in that as well. The twin they give us is OK, but I'd like something roomier. I'd probably be able to pick up after Wednesday.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Laser printer with toner WTB: Laser printer with toner
Want to buy a good laser printer, preferably with a good amount of toner left. Thanks!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: vacuum cleaner WTB: vacuum cleaner
Would like to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner to clean up the house more often. Please email me if you have a cheap 1 to sell. Thanks
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: small futon WTB: small futon
around 80 dollars
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: PS2 and games WTB: PS2 and games
Still looking for a Playstation 2. Got 1 for sale? Particularly interested in PS2 packages including DDR, Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, if for some strange reason you want to sell those titles... =] Thanks, Kenneth
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Toyota Corolla WTB: Toyota Corolla
1999 Model.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: TV with S-Video WTB: TV with S-Video
If anyone has TELEVISION (preferably 25'') to sell please email
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: shoe rack WTB: shoe rack
Hi I'm looking to buy a shoe rack. Thanks. Hattie
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: EE216 text WTB: EE216 text
I'm looking for a better deal for than the bookstore. Modern Semiconductor Devices for Integrated Circuits, by CC Hu Let me know. Thanks!
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: storage boxes WTB: storage boxes
Looking for storage boxes for keeping clothes and linens. Pls let us know if you have any to sell for cheap. Can pick up in campus or around Stanford.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: iPad mini WTB: iPad mini
Hi, I'm looking to buy an iPad mini in terrific condition. Make an offer! Can pick up on campus or close by.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB: Men's mountain bike WTB: Men's mountain bike
I'm looking to buy a used but decent men's mountain bike (for actual mountain biking--not riding around town). Hoping to spend under $200, but willing to spend up to $300 depending on the bike.
Stanford CA Supost
WTB golf cart WTB golf cart
looking to buy nice lifted golf cart, let me know what you have
Groves TX SoutheastTexas
WTB Speed Comp Saddle WTB Speed Comp Saddle
Usage: Recreation Road / Commuter / Mountain Size: Mid-Width x Mid-Length (145mm x 265mm) Weight: 369 grs
Wtb Wadhams Mobilgas sign Wtb Wadhams Mobilgas sign
Looking to buy this style Wadhams sign. Also looking to buy other Milwaukee or Wisconsin oil company signs, cans, and other advertising. Wadhams, Pate, Clark, Bartles, Lindsay McMillan, Northwestern, Perfect and others.
Milwaukee WI $1,200USD SpreadMyAd
Looking for storage bins or totes to help me organize. If your not using them, I'll take them!!
Portland OR SpreadMyAd
WTB needed. Hooters calendar WTB needed. Hooters calendar
I am looking for Hooters calendars from 1995 till 2005 give me a call let me know what you have Kevin 577-XXXX area code 561
Miami FL $50USD SpreadMyAd
WTB Rocket Race Saddle WTB Rocket Race Saddle
Rails: Cro-Moly Shell: Flex-Tuned Cover: microfiber Seat Length: 265 mm Seat Width: [narrow] 130 mm, [medium] 142 mm, [wide] 150 mm